McQueen High School Orchestra

Concert Orchestra

Course Content and Goals

This course is required for all freshmen wishing to participate in the McQueen High School Orchestra Program.  Students develop knowledge required to be successful in the Sinfonia Orchestra.  Emphasis will be on introducing advanced scales, shifting, multi meters, improvisation, professionalism, basic music theory, music activities aligned with state and national music standards. All violin and viola players must own their own instrument. School-owned basses and cellos are available for student use as available. Extra rehearsals and public performances are required as part of the class. Students enrolled in this class are required to participate in the WCSD Solo and Ensemble Festival. This course will fulfill the Arts/Humanities/Occupational Education graduation requirement and may not be replaced for credit.

Course Prerequisite

Participation in an 8th grade orchestra program or by instructor’s approval.

Instruction and Evaluation

Instruction will be through rehearsal, performance and performance in regional/state competitions, and lectures.  Student evaluation will be based upon individual progress, degree and amount of student participation in rehearsal and performances, written examinations and playing tests.

Special Materials and Fees

Current WCSD Music Department Instrument Maintenance fee is $45 per year for any instrument owned by the district that a student uses.  A non-refundable uniform fee of $20 is required for every student and also a $15 fee for a t-shirt to be used for informal performances.  Each student is also required to purchase books throughout the year: 1) Advanced Techniques for Strings. Allen, Gillespie, and T. Hayes.  2) Fiddler’s Philharmonic. Dabczynski and Phillips.  3) Solo for Solo and Ensemble Festival.  Students will be expected to pay their own Solo and Ensemble fees, competition and audition fees.  Students who qualify for state and/or national competition will incur additional costs.  Trip fees may vary from year to year.