McQueen High School Orchestra

How Can You Help?

IMG_4125The McQueen Orchestra Boosters is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt Nevada Non-Profit Corporation.  In other words, we survive, thrive, and potentially flourish from your donations.  For information on how you can help our program please contact McQueen Orchestra Director, Kenny Baker at, or McQueen Orchestra Boosters President, Caryn Tijsseling (aka Miss Tijsseling, Best Chaperone Ever, or Taylor’s Mom), at  We are committed to educating young musicians, providing them the best instruments and performance opportunities we possibly can, and keeping music programs in our public schools. All public schools.  Even our rivals–whose names shall not be mentioned.

We have more than 150 musicians in the McQueen High School Orchestra.  We plan to keep it that way.  They are not the band.  They play violins, violas, cellos and bass.  They do not march.  They play Bach.  And Mozart.  And Vivaldi (and all his seasons).

Our musicians have earned national recognition and played for the Nevada State Legislature. Moreover, they are hard workers and have more than earned every accolade they have received.  We are deeply committed to our musicians and keeping public school music programs alive in Northern Nevada. Please consider making a donation or becoming a corporate partner.


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