McQueen High School Orchestra

And this…is Joshua Matthew Plateros!

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We would like to now introduce you to Joshua Matthew Plateros.  Josh is a 17 year old senior in the amazing McQueen Orchestra.  Josh plays the cello. He is a Reno native, and an alum of Rollan Melton Elementary School and Billinghurst Middle School.

Josh has been playing the cello for four years and credits the Finnish metal band Apocalyptica with inspiring him.  Who is the Finnish metal band Apocalyptica you ask?  They are a metal band that play cellos.  If you listen to them, you will want to start playing the cello too.  In addition to the inspiration found in Apocalyptica, Josh says, “I chose it because I dislike all of the other instruments in Orchestra. The cello is the only cool one in my opinion.”

Josh’s favorite thing about being part of the orchestra is “the wide variety of people and personalities that make the orchestra fun and unique!”  His favorite orchestra memory is “getting Wing Stop before the zone concert.”  We have a feeling there is a good story here and maybe Josh will tell you if you ask him.

Josh says the hardest thing about being a musician is “constant self-doubt.” Despite this self-doubt, Josh would tell someone thinking of giving up music to “take all those negative thoughts and fill them with positive thoughts! Self-doubt is much more heart-breaking than failure.”  True that!

Josh says his favorite musician is “Damien Rice because he’s Irish and he makes good folk music.”  He says he is also musically inspired by “Glen Hansard because he’s Irish and makes good fold music but just not as well as Damien Rice.”

Josh hopes and plans to keep playing the cello after high school.  “Hopefully in the Reno Pops Orchestra and Reno Video Game Symphony.”

Josh’s career plans are undecided and we’ve got to say we love that about him.  He says, “career wise I am undecided but I hopefully will do something in the music or arts field.”  Mostly he says that when he grows up his goal is to be “inspirational”.  He also would like to “own a nice castle with 3 Corgis and one Shiba Inu.”

He is also involved in other activities which include “eating food and playing my harmonica. Playing the guitar and ukulele are also fun but mainly food.”

As for his senior year, he wants to “make as many friends and enjoy every minute of it.”

When asked if there was anything else Josh wanted to say to the world he said the following:  “I love to learn as many instruments as I can and music is basically the only thing I’m okay at. The only ice cream I love is Coffee flavored but all the other flavors are okay. Sherbet ice cream is a definite no-go. I only like indie-pop, indie-folk, and a little sprinkle of indie-rock music. Ashlea R. Kammann has a nice fashion sense almost as good as mine. Most of today’s music gives me a headache and makes me lose hope in the music industry. I am in urgent need of a banjo.”  

Josh’s one word to describe himself as a musician is “Spectacular“.

Seriously…how much do we love this kid?  Congratulations Josh and thank you for sharing your music with us!










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