McQueen High School Orchestra

And this…is Christian Arnold!

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“Hi my name is Christian Arnold, I am 18 and I’m a senior here at McQueen. I have lived in Reno my whole life and I went to Verdi Elementary school where Mr. Baker was the orchestra director.

I started learning violin in fourth grade and Mrs. Neidhold was my private teacher, which made it really fun to have her as my orchestra director at Billinghurst as well. I first started playing the violin because my older brother Dallin was just starting to learn and we did everything together, so it seemed natural and logical that I would start as well, although because he was learning the viola I wanted to learn the violin.

Orchestra has been a huge blessing in my life for many reasons but mainly because of the amazing friends and memories I have made while in it. Orchestra people are the most easy-going and friendly people you will ever meet and I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by these great people constantly and because of this I plan on continuing to play in some kind of orchestra as I attend BYU.

Orchestra, however, has not always been an easy ride. There have been many occasions when in my violin and piano studies I have wanted to put my instrument down and never touch it again, but thank goodness my parents didn’t let me do that and made me continue learning and playing. To anyone who is having similar feelings or will feel this way at some point, I would say you will never regret learning an instrument. There will be times when you feel that you are incapable of doing anything with your instrument well and it feels like a lost cause, but this is a natural part of learning something new and something hard and when those feeling pass, playing your instrument will be a joy and a huge part of your life. This is probably the hardest thing about being a musician.

Music is an art, and with any type of art, it is very hard and discouraging to begin because it is unnatural and there is no way to just be naturally good at something like that. It is necessary to fail in order to become better, and as a result it can be very difficult to continue learning and put aside those feelings. But there is also nothing as fulfilling at overcoming these emotions and excelling in the thing that you learn to love.

Becoming a musician takes countless hours of work and a lot of determination but I know that for me, it has been one of the most rewarding things I could have done and I am incredibly grateful for all of the friends, directors, and loved ones who have helped me discover this gift.”



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