McQueen High School Orchestra

We would also like you to meet Samuel Webster!

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Samuel Webster is an 18 year old senior in the McQueen Orchestra.  Sam is Reno native.  He went to Westergard and Billinghurst.  Sam plays the violin.  And we are going to let you in on a little secret…Sam can conduct the orchestra while dressed as an alien!  Sam was the “little green man” leading the orchestra in one of our favorite songs, “The Rosin Eating Zombies From Outer Space.”

Sam discovered the violin in 5th grade at an exploratory strings program at Westergard Elementary School.  He credits Ms. Dickens from Westergard with introducing him to the violin.  Sam always knew the violin was the instrument for him.  “I just like it better than anything else.”  He thinks the violins get the best parts of the music.

Sam likes being a member of the orchestra because “it expands my musical career more than it would if I did it myself.”  He credits his fellow musicians with making him better and work harder than he would if they weren’t depending on him.  One of his best orchestra memories is the Utah trip.  “Going out of state to play for orchestra was pretty fun.I was very proud when we got a 2.  I wasn’t expecting that.

Sam says the hardest thing about being a musician is finding the time.  “For me personally the hardest thing is scheduling.  Having a job and having an orchestra schedule can be hard to balance.”   Throw in some AP classes and other orchestras and that is a challenge indeed.  Sam is also a member of the Reno Philharmonic’s Youth Concert Orchestra.  He says he would tell a young student considering giving up to “just keep practicing or try a different instrument.  Keep trying.  Don’t let your dreams become dreams.

Sam says the most musically influential person in his life is Mr. Baker.  “In Chamber he [Mr. Baker] is one on one trying to help each student improve.”  He also says his mother has been very influential.  “She forces me to practice.

All of Sam’s favorite musicians are violinists.  He says it is a “competition between David Garrett, Lindsay Stering and  Alexander Ryback.”  He especially likes Alexander Ryback.  “He is a Russian violinist who can sing and play the violin at the same time.”

Sam is college bound and wants to be a chemist and a musician.  He plans to keep playing music after high school.  First however, he says his goal is to “pass” high school.


Sam says he really doesn’t want to say anything else about himself.  We get that.  Those of us who know Sam well know that he is humble, kind and gentle.

As a musician he describes himself with one work…”Amazing“.

Good Luck Sam!  Thank you for sharing your music and your spirit with us!  And for being willing to be the Rosin Eating Zombie From Outer Space!



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