McQueen High School Orchestra

And this is Michelle Vasquez!

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We would like you to meet Michelle Vasquez. Michelle is a senior in the McQueen Orchestra.  She plays the violin.  Michelle is 17 and went to Westergard and Billinghurst. She has been playing the violin for seven years.  Miss Michelle has a gentle spirit and we kind of love her.

Michelle was introduced to the violin in sixth grade.  When asked if she picked the violin or the violin picked her she says it was a little bit of both. “I remember on the first week of sixth grade Mrs. Neidhold played a little of each instrument in order to help us decide which one each of us was to play. When she began to play the violin in front of our class I remember being automatically attracted to the beautiful sounds coming from it. She played with a kind of ease and joy that I wanted to recreate in the future.  I knew at that moment that I was going to be a violinist.”

Michelle’s favorite aspect of the orchestra is working with her fellow musicians.  “I love the friends that I’ve made in orchestra and I’ve always loved that in orchestra there is a sense of community that I believe is very strong.”  She has a lot of orchestra memories.  “I have many great orchestra memories! But I think my two favorites would be definitely the Utah trip because it was such a new experience that I’ll never forget and my 8th grade trip to Six Flags in Vallejo because it was my first fun yet disastrous trip with my best friend Carolyn Jones!

Miss Michelle says that being a musician isn’t always easy.  The hardest thing about being a musician according to Michelle is “Motivation. Especially the motivation to practice.”  But somehow she finds that motivation.  When asked what she would tell someone thinking about giving up their violin Michelle would tell them, “giving up should never be an option and to always remember that even a little bit of practice goes a long way.

Michelle’s favorite musician is Lorde.  “I’m a big fan of all of her music and I especially love the lyrics of her songs as well as how tranquil they are!” 

Miss Michelle has many people who influence her life.  She says, “my friends and family are most influential in my life. Carolyn is my best friend who’s always been there for me and we always have fun both in orchestra and outside of orchestra! She makes me smile with her insanely happy self everyday! Also Jake has been there for me as well and is always a great person to talk to about anything! Lastly, my brother Eric is influential to me because he inspires me with his passion for the cello and his amazing ability with music!” 

Like so many of our musicians, Michelle is has the heart of an artist.  “I love to also create art from drawing, to painting, and even sculpting. I can’t get enough of it!”  Michelle plans to carry her love of the arts with her as she moves into her future.  She is hoping to study art and ultimately work in animation.  “I want to be an animator and one day create animated movies for Disney.”  We think with Michelle’s gentle spirit and quiet confidence she will be an amazing animator and we look forward to her first Disney production.

She hopes to keep playing music after high school.  “Music has made a big impact in my life and I’ll definitely continue to play music.”   For now though, “my goals are to pass my AP test and make the most of this year with my friends.”

The one word Miss Michelle would use to describe herself as a musician is “Cheerful“! We agree.

Congratulations on an amazing high school music career Michelle!





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