McQueen High School Orchestra

This is Alice Duan!

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AliceOur next amazing senior is Alice.  Alice is 17 and plays the violin.   She is from Reno, went to Rollan Melton, Billinghurst, the Davidson Academy and is now at McQueen.  Alice has been playing for 5 years.  She started in 6th grade and then came back as a Freshman.

Alice was inspired to start playing the violin because her older sister plays.  “My oldest sister plays really well, it sounds so cool, I was inspired.”  That is what made Alice choose her instrument.  Her favorite thing about being in the orchestra is “mastering a song and being able to just play it without really thinking about much, I think that’s amazing and truly incredible.”  We think so too.

Alice’s favorite orchestra memory is helping at the zone concert.  We love this about Alice because the zone concert is one of our favorite things too.  Every spring the McQueen Orchestra hosts the elementary and middle school string programs in Northwest Reno–our zone.  Our musicians spend the day working with younger musicians and then the day ends with a concert where the gym is literally overflowing with string musicians.  Alice says, “I think it’s fun to see all the middle schoolers playing so well.”  It really is something to experience and we are so proud of the work our musicians put in to this event every year.

Alice is pop punk girl.  “I totally dig the All American Rejects, even though they’re not orchestral.”  We dig them too.

The hardest thing about being a musician for Alice is practicing.  “My fingers get to hurting and my back cramps up.”  Just wait until you are 44 Miss Alice.    Alice is inspired by her parents, Michael Allen and Stuart Smith.

In addition to violin duties, Alice is captain of the Girl’s Golf Team and in the National Honor Society.  When she grows up she hopes to be a Professional Golfer or Business Manager.  Or both.  She hopes to keep music in her life.

Alice’s goals for her senior year are humble.  “Keep my straight A’s and sign to a Division 1 school for golf.”  We love girls that golf.

IMG_4236Her advice for a young string student on the brink of giving up?  Don’t.  “The fun and the people you meet are worth it, I almost put my violin away, but I’m so glad I didn’t.  You find a lot of great people in music.”  We are glad she didn’t put her violin away too.

Alice also says, “You’ll never catch me going under the speed limit, I’m always trying to push that envelope and make it further than I’m supposed to.”  Someone get this girl an Audi.  And don’t worry Alice, we will keep you speed limit challenge “our dirty little secret”.  Get it?

Alice’s one word to describe herself is “can’t-sing”.  Pretty cute right?

Wish Alice luck as she participates tonight with several of her McQueen Orchestra colleagues in the Washoe County School District Festival and Honor Orchestras.  Come see her at Fall Fusion on November 21 at the Pioneer Center.  And be sure to catch her on the Women’s PGA Tour!



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