McQueen High School Orchestra

And This…Is Ashlea Kammann!

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image2Ashlea plays the violin in the McQueen Orchestra.  Ashlea is a senior.  Ashlea is 17.  Ashlea is the best dressed 17-year-old we know.  She has a wardrobe to die for.  It’s the best wardrobe in Reno for sure.  It is probably the best wardrobe in Northern Nevada.  Perhaps the best on the West Coast.  The girl has style!  We are jealous.  And as you will see she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

Ashlea went to Rollan Melton Elementary School and Billinghurst Middle School.  She has been playing the violin for 7 years.  She says, “my mother got me involved with music.  She was in band when she was in high school.”  Ashlea originally wanted to play the cello but…“I was told I couldn’t wear skirts or dresses while playing that, so I chose the violin instead.”  This makes us smile.  We like a girl with her priorities in order!

Her favorite thing about the orchestra is the friends she has made.  The Utah trip is one of her favorite orchestra memories.  Ours too!  The hardest part of being in the orchestra for Ashlea is “listening across the group.”

Ashlea’s favorite musician is “my fellow classmate Joshua Plateros because his harmonica solos are off the chain!”  She adds an LOL.

She has been the most influenced by her mom.  “My mom is the most hardworking and dedicated woman I know.”  This makes us love Ashlea’s mom as much as we love Ashlea.

Ashlea is also involved in cheer and the honor society.  She doesn’t have an exact plan for her future and that is just fine with us.  She is planning to study psychology and wants to keep playing music. She hopes to play in a community orchestra in the future.  “I definitely never want to live in a world without music.”

Her goal for her senior year is to enjoy it.  “Spend time with my amazing friends and meet new people too.”  And we hope she can fit some shopping in.  For her future beyond high school she says “all I want is to be happy and hopefully help others along the way.”

Ashlea would tell a struggling string student “you get out of it what you put into it.”  Wise words and so good for all of us to remember.  Right?

Ashlea wants the world to know the following:  “I’m so happy I am part of this orchestra and thankful for all that it has done for me along with everyone else involved.”  And she is looking forward to representing the McQueen Orchestra in Europe this summer.

Ashlea’s one word to describe herself is “Passionate”.  We love passionate people most of all!  image1

Come see Ashlea tonight as she performs with her fellow McQueen Musicians selected to participate in the Washoe County School District Festival and Honor Orchestras at The Nugget!  Then come see Ashlea perform at Fall Fusion on November 21, 2015.  And…if you are lucky, maybe you will get to see what she is wearing before she changes into her uniform!

Editorial Comment:  The author cannot help but pass on the best advice she ever received from her dear Aunt Susan to Miss Ashlea and the entire McQueen Orchestra.  The advice is this.  It really doesn’t matter if you can do something well or not.  It doesn’t matter if you aren’t good at golf, tennis, dancing, running, yoga, practicing law, driving, cooking, gardening, or house cleaning.   As long as you have a cute outfit and try your best that will be good enough.


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