McQueen High School Orchestra

Please Meet Rachel Razaei!

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rachel1We would like you to meet Rachel Razaei.  Rachel is a senior in the McQueen Orchestra.  She is 17 years old and plays the violin.

Rachel went to Rollan Melton elementary school and is a Billinghurst Alumni.  She has been playing the violin since sixth grade.  She started playing the violin in the Billinghurst Orchestra.  “I like string instruments and violins tend to have the melody in songs which I always thought were more interesting and challenging to play.”  Her favorite thing about being in the orchestra is “playing the music in class and listening to it get better and sound cooler each day.”  Her favorite memory of the orchestra was the trip she went on in middle school to play at an orchestra festival.  The orchestra got to go to Six Flags the next day and had a great time.

For Rachel, the most challenging thing about being in orchestra is finding the balance between after school rehearsals, sports, and well…life.  Rachel is also involved in track, cross-country, judicial board, and global studies.

Rachel is most strongly influenced by her family and her favorite authors.

She plans to be a Neurosurgeon and plans to keep playing music.  Her goals for her senior year are to graduate with honors, pass all her AP tests and maintain a 4.0 GPA.  There is a reason we say these are the “smart” kids.  She also lists as a goal “applying for college on time.”

Rachel would tell someone thinking of giving up to keep going.  “Sticking with it is worth it.  you develop great friendships with the people in orchestra and it is something you can always carry with you.  Years from now you could play your instrument and create music if you put in the work now and it’s a rare and valued quality to have in society.”

Rachel says, “learning an instrument has been one of the most beneficial choices I’ve made and even though I often dread practice, once I sit down and start I can play for hours without getting bored…music is hard to get bored of in general though.”

Rachel’s one word to describe herself is Dedicated.

We hope you get a chance to hear Rachel play with the rest of the McQueen Orchestra at their Fall Fusion Concert on November 21, 2015!   Good Luck Miss Rachel!  Now back to college applications.


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