McQueen High School Orchestra

Please Say Hello to Wren Brady!

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wren1Wren Brady is one of our violists. She is also one of our violins. She plays both. How about that? Wren is a 17-year-old senior. Simply put, she is amazing.
Wren is from Reno. She went to Peavine Elementary School and Billinghurst Middle School.
Wren has been playing the violin for 14 years. If we do our math right, she started playing when she was 3. That’s right…3 years old. She has been playing the viola for one year. “I really wanted to pick up the Viola because I loved the sound and I wanted to know how to play both!” She goes on to say, “I didn’t choose the Viola life, the Viola life chose me.” Pretty cute, right?
Wren’s favorite thing about the orchestra is the people. “My favorite part of orchestra are the amazing people I get to be friends with.”
In addition to her McQueen Orchestra duties she is principal violist in the Reno Philharmonic’s Youth Symphony Orchestra and plays with the Reno Philharmonic on occasion. Yep…she’s that girl.
Wren 2The most influential people in Wren’s life are her family and especially her twin sister Clio, as a McQueen Orchestra Musician. She says Clio challenges her to be better and that they have both grown because of that challenge. We love a little sibling rivalry. Especially when it is between these two adorable and amazing young women.

Wren hopes to keep playing music after high school in college. For now, her goal is to survive her senior year and have some fun.

She would tell a young struggling string musician, “never give up and there is always something you find inspiring!”

We are very happy to have Wren as one of the strong and constant leaders of the McQueen Orchestra. We can’t wait to see her perform at Fall Fusion on November 21, 2015 and for years to come. Good Luck Wren!


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