McQueen High School Orchestra

Musician Portrait Packages for Fall Fusion.

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cello warsWe are very excited to welcome back M.D. Welch of Depth-of-Field Photography as the official photographer of Fall Fusion 2015 on November 21, 2015.  M.D. will be back stage to take individual, sibling and friend portraits as well as our famous whole orchestra shots.  Portrait packages are $25.00.  You will receive the digital images that are taken and whole orchestra shots for that price.  If you are doing senior portraits right now you know that this is a great deal!  When you receive the digital images you are free to upload them to your favorite photo processing site.  Most sites are very, very affordable and you will have beautiful prints for your holiday cards and graduation announcements.  Not to mention priceless memories of you adorable musician.  Please see Mr. Baker to sign up in advance to make sure you get a time slot and don’t miss this opportunity.

Alyssa 4


McQueen Full 7


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