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This is Christian Lin!

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Christian1What can we say about Christian Lin?  Where do we even begin?  Christian Lin is a 16-year-old senior in the McQueen Orchestra.  Christian plays the Double Bass.  Words do not do Christian Lin justice so I’m going to do my best.

Christian is from New York City, New York.   He went to Marvin Moss Elementary School and attended Mendive Middle School.  He says, “wow, I must have a thing for schools starting with ‘m’s”.  Do you see where this going?

He has been playing his Bass since sixth grade.  “Mrs. Brown, my sixth grade teacher started me on the path from violin to bass, but Mrs. Patterson, my middle school teacher is who I give full credit to for sending me off on this musical quest.”  Musical Quest?  Right?  He says he chose the Double Bass, it did not choose him.  It was a very conscious decision.  “I chose the double bass, because in 6th, 7th and 8th grade, I was very short, my bass was my defense mechanism to cope with my vertical challenge.”

Christian finds the orchestra rewarding because, “what makes the orchestra so rewarding for me is the beauty that can come only from the synergistic teamwork of a large ensemble playing as one entity.”  He goes on to say, “[e]ven when I am playing straight whole notes, I cannot envy the violins because we sound great.”  His favorite orchestra memory, and this is a good one, if when he did a complete voice over of Mr. Baker’s inspirational speech in the end of the year orchestra video.  He adds that it was an opportunity to “take full advantage of the perfect (probably final) opportunity of making fun of Baker to return the favor he’s been giving me for 4 years.”  Christian takes his share of grief.  He goes on to say, “[e]verybody laughed, except for Baker, maybe.”  We laughed.  It pretty was funny.

The most challenging thing about orchestra for Christian is not performing.  “The hardest part there is to being a musician is not the performance, but the practice.  It won’t be the three minutes on stage that is the challenge, it will be the ten months off stage that requires the most commitment, passion and dedication.”

Christian’s favorite musician is Yo Yo Ma.  “So much talent, so much passion, still so much more modesty.”  Yo Yo Ma.  Just Yo Yo Ma.  We get it.

Christian has a full schedule.  In addition to orchestra, he says, “I am a mock trial lawyer; I am a debater; I am a tennis player; I am an academic competitor; I am a bridge player; I am a pretty good whistler; I am Kenny Baker’s favorite student.” The last one is admittedly his most time-consuming.

When asked who are the most influential people in his life he says the sweetest thing ever.  “Kudos to my mother for giving birth to me, and committing too much time, thought and love to such a risky investment called Chris.”  I know…take a minute to grab a Kleenex if you are someone’s mother.

Christian wants to be a Neurosurgeon.  Why are we not surprised?  “I’m terribly interested in the potential and intricacy of the human brain, maybe I will be the future scientist who invents the first artificial, intellectual life.”  That would not surprise us at all.  He also plans on being a musician for life.  “After all, it is art and music that truly distinguishes humans from animals.”

His goal for his senior year is simple and honest.  He wants a Crown.  “My big goals for Senior year are to attend school dances, participate in spirit week and make Senior Year Memorable. And you know, maybe graduate or something…hopefully, but that’s not the top of my priorities:  I WANT A SENIOR CROWN.”  Somehow we think he will get one.  And if he doesn’t, we think he will be just fine.

As for the rest of his future, “I hope I can become the best.  I want to be the best in all that I do–not competing with other, but myself–to be the Best Son, Father, Husband, Musician, Scientist that I can possibly ever be.”

His inspiration carries on.  When asked what he would stay to a struggling musician, he said the following, again you might want to grab your Kleenex if you are someone’s mother:

Sure you may leave music, but music will never leave you. If you learn that too late in life, nothing can stop the awful feeling of regret except what you choose to do today.  Stick it out, believe and see who you want to be:  life can be a panoramic picture, but music is the filter and we all know that pictures with no filter will never get any likes on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!”

Why do we (I) suddenly feel terrible about quitting piano lessons when we (I) were 9?

When asked if there is anything else he wants us to know he wanted everyone to know about the McQueen Orchestra’s Chris Basscurrent fundraiser.  We kid you not.  “I am currently selling Tupperware for the McQueen Orchestra as a fundraiser for lots of orchestra expenses that I did not know existed.  Please contact me if you are interested in buying Tupperware, I have help to offer, prizes to win, Baker to beat.”  We hope he knows there isn’t a Tupperware crown…or is there?

When asked to describe himself as a musician in one word he said “proud”.  Well we are proud of him.  Come see Christian and his double bass at the Fall Fusion Concert on November 21, 2015.  And let us know if you want to order Tupperware from him.

“Things can fall apart, or threaten to, for many reasons, and then there’s got to be a leap of faith. Ultimately, when you’re at the edge, you have to go forward or backward; if you go forward, you have to jump together.” – Yo Yo Ma.

 Disclaimer:  The author is one of Christian’s mock trial coaches.  Quick Chris…what are the exceptions to hearsay?


One thought on “This is Christian Lin!

  1. I am THE Mr. Baker, and I confirm that Mr. Lin is indeed my all-time favorite student. No doubt about it. I officially crown you, over this unofficial comments section, the successor and heir to my title of being the most talented, good-looking, professional, muscular, and modest human being on this planet, after myself, of course.
    Remind me at the end of class next Monday to officially announce your awesomeness and give you the credit you deserve– and my trailer that I recently won.

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