McQueen High School Orchestra

And this…is Jake Quintos!

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IMG_4363Jake Quintos is a 17-year-old violinist.  He is a Senior and nothing less than awesome.

Jake is from Reno.  He went to Peavine Elementary School and Archie Clayton Middle School.  He has been playing the violin for seven years.  “I was originally going to join band until my brother, Jerry, showed me a few things about the violin back in 5th grade.  When it came to it, I decided to join Orchestra instead.” We are very glad he did.  And Jake’s brother Jerry is a McQueen Orchestra Alum and now a U.S. Marine.

When asked our favorite question, did your instrument choose you or did your choose your instrument, he said, In a way, my instrument and I ended up choosing each other.  The way it sounded and how it fit perfectly in my hands was enough to convince me that I wanted to play violin.”  He stayed with it because “[e]very year in orchestra, I got to learn more about the violin.  The way the violin portrays itself through sound and appearance proves its elegance.”  

Jake’s favorite thing about the orchestra is the people. Ours too.  He says, “I really enjoy the people I have met in orchestra.  It makes the concerts even more fun to go to because I know I’ll get to play with my friends.”  His best orchestra memory is the ASTA National Orchestra Festival in Utah. “New experiences that arose that led to changes when we made it back to Reno.  I will never regret that memory.”

Jake’s favorite musician is Ludwig Van Beethoven “because his sonatas and symphonies were so soulful that it purged the boundaries of the classical era.”  Right?

For Jake, the hardest thing about being a musician is having to contemplate whether to listen to a good piece of play it.

Jake also plays tennis for the McQueen High School Tennis Team.  Go Lancers!  Go Tennis!  His goals for his senior year are to earn scholarships and get into the college he is applying for.  We are pretty sure neither thing will be a problem for Jake.  He wants to be a Pediatrician.  His goals for the future include traveling and having a family.   He plans to keep playing music after high school.  “The only thing better than hearing music is making it.”

He says,

The most influential people in my life are my brother and Michelle.  I look up to my brother because he aims to be the best of the best.  He was the one who introduced me to the violin.  Michelle is influential to me because having to be my stand partner all the time, she is always there for me.  Either playing by my side or simply talking about anything.

Don’t you kind of wish we all had a stand partner to help us get through the day?

Jake would tell a struggling, young musician not to give up. “Giving up your instrument is as painful as giving up the experiences you will miss if you put your instrument down.  Your instrument carries the memories you can’t remember.”  Great!  Now in addition to regretting giving up the piano at 9, we regret giving up the flute in 8th grade.  Where was our stand partner when we needed one?

He also wants us to know that “[t]he past few years in Orchestra have been great years.  I wish time wouldn’t have passed by so quick.”  

Jake’s one word?  “Proud”.  That sounds kind of familiar right?  We agree.  We are so proud of Jake, and his brother Jerry, his stand partner Michelle, and all these musicians.


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