McQueen High School Orchestra

And this little beauty…is Nicole Dyer!

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IMG_4234Nicole Dyer is a 17-year-old Viola in the McQueen High School Orchestra.  Nicole went to Mamie Towles and is a Clayton Middle School Alumni.  This is her 7th year playing the viola.

When asked why she chose the viola she said, “[w]e had to choose an instrument in elementary school and that’s what I chose.”  Viola jokes notwithstanding.  Maybe one of these days one of these kids will explain why they get made fun of for playing the viola.  Why does the viola get such a bad wrap?  Anyway, she and her friend chose to play the viola together and have not looked back.

Nicole likes being in the orchestra and has stuck with it so long because “I like to push myself and the class and the people are a lot of fun.”  Her best memory is the national orchestra festival in Salt Lake City. We are so glad that going on that trip had such an impact on so many of our musicians.  It really was a lot of fun.

Nicole thinks the most challenging thing about orchestra is trying to balance it with all her other extracurricular activities.  Isn’t that the the trick for all of us…life balance.  She is also a dancer at he Nevada Dance Academy.

Nicole says she doesn’t have a favorite musician.  Knowing her she probably likes them all.  The most influential people in her life are her parents.  We like that about her!

Nicole is college bound and wants to be a physical therapist when she grows up. Her goal for her senior year is “I hope to have a lot of fun and learn a lot in my senior year and apply and get into a great college.”  She hopes to keep playing in her college orchestra.  We are so excited to see that almost all of our seniors are hoping to keep playing at the next level.  He life long goal is as follows:  “In the future I want to have a job, family, and life that I enjoy and love.”  Life balance, right?

She would encourage young musicians struggling with their instruments to keep playing.  “I would tell them to continue with it IMG_4214because they will be missing out on all of the amazing memories and experiences from orchestra.”

She also wants the world to know that  “music has been very influential in my life and I hope to continue with it.”

When asked to describe herself in one work she said, “Dedicated.”

Good luck Nicole.  We know you will make all your dreams come true if you just keep playing that viola with all your heart and smiling that smile!


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