McQueen High School Orchestra

And this…is Taylor Davis.

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This is Taylor Davis.  Taylor is a Reno native.  He went to Westergard Elementary School and Billinghust Middle School.  Taylor plays the violin and is the McQueen Orchestra musician you most want with you during the Zombie Apocalypse.

Taylor started playing the violin in 5th grade.   He says:

“They did a like exploratory strings program when I was in 5th grade at Westergard.  I came home from that program one day and asked my mom for violin lessons.  She said yes.  I started with a teacher that made me do the piano for a few months first. I’m not sure why.  Then the teacher let me start violin but I liked piano too so I did both for a while.  Then I just chose the violin.”

When asked if he chose the violin or the violin chose him he said “that’s a stupid question”.  Fair enough.  He goes on to say,  “my mom made me take cello lessons for a few months when I was a freshman.  I’m not sure why she did that.  I’m not sure why my mom does a lot of the things she does.  I didn’t like the cello.  I don’t know why . I just like the violin better.”

Taylor says his favorite thing about the orchestra is that “everyone is not stupid.”  When asked to rephrase, Taylor said with a sigh, “in other words, they are people who know how to get stuff done when they need to.”  His favorite orchestra memory is “Utah!”  Just Utah.  Do you see a theme developing?  What he means by “Utah” is the ASTA National Festival trip to Salt Lake City, Utah last March.  We are so glad we went!  He thinks the hardest thing about being a musician is that live music loses a little something for him.  A die-hard concert goer he says “any band that I watch I can tell when they are on tempo or off and that kind of takes away from the experience.”

Taylor’s favorite musician is Mike Shinoda.  Who is Mike Shinoda? “He is the main rapper from Linkin Park and Fort Minor.  I like that his lyrics are SKY_0174blurintelligent.”  Taylor is a hard-core Linkin Park Fan.  He has t-shirts.  He has been to concerts.  He has downloaded every album, not always with permission. It’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission right?  “I take a lot grief from Mr. Baker for wearing Linkin Park t-shirts.  But not as much grief as the Blink 182 kid.  So there’s that.”  

Taylor is a hard-core gamer and that takes up all his a spare time.  Like ALL his spare time.  He also is an avid reader.  His favorite authors are Orson Scott Card and Frank Herbert.  Other than those things Taylor says, “I don’t really do much.”  His Golden Retriever, Maple, would disagree.  He walks her regularly and comforts her during thunder storms.  We think you do a lot, Taylor Davis.  

He thinks the most influential people in his life are his teachers.  Specifically his music teachers, Vanessa Porter and Bruce McBeth, and his history and science teachers Mr. Perry and Mr. McMurray.  Teachers, if you think you don’t make a difference, you do.  Thank you.

Taylor is college bound, and hopes to be “a video game designer.  Or an environmental scientist.  Or an archaeologist.”  Or all three.  The world is your oyster Taylor Davis.  He plans to keep playing music after high school.  But first he has a simple goal for his senior year.  “Survive”.  That is his same goal for his future.  “Survive”.  

When asked what he would say if another musician came to him wanting to give up, he asked “am I supposed to be inspiring?”  Yes.  He then said he would apply his trademark practical approach to life.  “I’d probably be, like, try to figure out why you want to quit and try to fix it.  Maybe it’s not the program that makes you want to quit.  Maybe its other factors you could change.  I would tell them not to quit.”  

When asked if he wanted to tell us anything else about himself he said, “no”.  The one word he would use to describe himself as a musician is “tired“.  In all fairness, he did have to go home sick today. Mondays right?

We cannot wait to see how Taylor “survives” his senior year, his future and the Zombie Apocalypse.  We love him for his brutal honesty and knowing when to just stay quiet.  Good Luck Taylor!

“It’s 10% luck, 20% skill, 15% concentrated power of will, 5% pleasure, 50% pain and 100%…reason to remember the name.” – Mike Shinoda.

Photo Credit: Skye Snyder

Disclaimer:  The author is Taylor’s mother.


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